Plesk Control Panel Tutorials

1. How to login into Plesk  
2. Introduction - Becoming familiar with the Plesk Interface.  
3. How to get help with Plesk.  
4. How to change your password and contact information in Plesk.  
5. How to change a Subscription's login info in Plesk.  
6. How to create and manage users role in Plesk  
7. How to create and manage users accounts in Plesk  
8. How to create and manage email accouts in Plesk,  
9. How to create email aliases in Plesk.  
10. How to specify a catch-all email account in Plesk.  
11. How to setup Email forwarding in Plesk.  
12. How to enable auto-reply for an email address in Plesk.  
13. How to use the Spam Filter & Anti virus protection in Plesk  
14. How to access webmail in Plesk  
15. How to add and manage websites, domains & Sub Domains in Plesk  
16. How to create domain aliases in Plesk.  
17. How to find and install applications in Plesk  
18. How to use the File Manager in Plesk  
19. How to change your Ftp account credentials in Plesk.  
20. How to create additional Ftp accounts in Plesk.  
21. How to manage your Domains DNS Zones in Plesk.  
22. How to install SSL Certificates in Plesk.  
23. How to use the Backup Manager in Plesk  
24. How to Password protect a directory in Plesk  
25. How to setup scheduled tasks [Cron jobs] in Plesk  
26. How to create databases in Plesk  
27. How to manage Databases using Webadmin in Plesk  
28. How to view and manage a Websites Logs in Plesk  
29. How to setup web users in Plesk  


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